Vi samlades alla i Båtskärsnäs, 19 personer. Det var ett stort julbord, tomte och många paket.
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Come Join The Murder......

There's a black bird perched outside my window
I hear him calling
I hear him sing
He burns me with his eyes of gold to embers
He sees all my sins
He reads my soul

One day that bird, he spoke to me
Like Martin Luther
Like Pericles

Come join the murder
Come fly with black
We'll give you freedom
From the human trap
Come join the murder
Soar on my wings
You'll touch the hand of God
And He'll make you king
And He'll make you king

On a blanket made of woven shadows
Flew up to heaven
On a raven's glide
These angels have turned my wings to wax now
I fell like Judas grace denied

On that day that he lied to me
Like Martin Luther
Like Pericles

 I walk among the children of my fathers
The broken wings, betrayal's cost
They call to me but never touch my heart, no
I am too far
I'm too lost

 All I can hear is what he spoke to me
Like Martin Luther
Like Pericles

So now I curse that raven's fire
You made me hate, you made me burn
He laughed aloud as he flew from Eden
You always knew, you never learn

The crow no longer sings to me
Like Martin Luther
Or Pericles
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